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April 27, 2012
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Kid Icarus Uprising Cover Sheet by Davyrox Kid Icarus Uprising Cover Sheet by Davyrox
Long after buying Kid Icarus Uprising on launch day, I noticed that there was a few mugshot/character sprites on the cover sheet of the box. At first, I edited the sprites, mashed them together, and was going to post that as a sprite sheet, but it was a bit too blurry and an embarrassment overall, so I thought I'd scan the cover with the three iconic characters (Pit, Lady Palutena, and Medusa) mash the together, and fix the lighting, liiight!!

I tried making this poster quality, in terms of size and overall appearance, but I think I failed ^^; You can all print this off and hang it somewhere for all I care, though :D I don't mind anyone using this.

Prepare to face the light you dark scanned photo...!

So yeah, just something simple I wanted to do for now. I'm doing fan art for Kid Icarus, too, so I'll post some of they're ready.

If you haven't already played Kid Icarus yet, and your still on the fence, what the heck is wrong with you!? :XD: Read my review here [link] and buy yourself a copy! Because I've got nothing but good things to say about this game.

(c) Cover art owned by Nintendo
Mash-up and editing by myself
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